REIKI is the Reason

Mikao Usui,

The founding father of modern-day Reiki,

attuned himself to Reiki – as there was no-one else there on the mountain to do it for him!

Usui went to his favourite meditation spot,

totally alone, and after a period of fasting and meditating,

he experienced a sudden flash of deep understanding – a Satori (sudden enlightenment). For the truth is Usui became a complete Master of Reiki all at once! …no waiting, no different levels and none of those massive fees either! He simply discovered, acknowledged, intentionally opened up to and harnessed this energy he found within himself and called it Reiki. He then formalized the process and showed others how to open up to it as well. But, here’s the important part. This energy, the same energy Usui found within himself, is also flowing within you right now too – it has to be – for it’s your very own life force energy, without which you wouldn’t actually be alive! Anyone can access Reiki, because it begins within yourself! 



Attune Yourself to

Reiki for free.

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